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Air Conditioner (AC) From Top Brands at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

The intense summer season is here and brings with it scorching temperatures. To stay fresh and comfortable during summer, you need a powerful AC.

What makes an AC a necessity is that not only does it bring down the temperature in your home, but you also get clean air. And when you look at AC performance, it's not just cooling but electricity consumption that also matters. Plus, you need to ensure that your AC has an energy-saving feature.

5 Things to Be Considered While Buying an AC

Room Size

Noise Level

Average City Temperature/Weather

The capacity of your AC would depend on the size of your room. For a small, 150-sqft room, a 1-ton AC is sufficient. You would need a higher capacity AC for a medium-sized room since a 1-ton AC would be overloaded. A loud AC can cause sleep disturbance if you are a light sleeper or have a child, so check the noise levels, particularly for window ACs. A split AC might be a better choice. The ambient temperature also determines the capacity of your AC. If you have harsh summers in your location, even medium-sized rooms would need a 1.5-to-2-ton AC.

Number of Occupants

Smart Home Compatibility

The more occupants in a room, the higher the heat load. So if there are many members in your family sharing a room, a higher-capacity AC would be a better option. If your AC has smart features, it can be integrated with other devices in your home and be operated using your smartphone.

Types of Air Conditioners (AC)

Window AC

Split AC

Portable AC

Floor Standing AC

  • A single unit that is large in size
  • Monoblock design
  • Cheap and easy to install
  • Need a 9-12 thick wall for installation
  • Have separate compressor and heat-dispensing coils placed outside the home
  • Maintenance is difficult due to the external unit
  • Wall thickness is not a problem
  • Coolant leaks are an issue
  • Ideal for bigger rooms
  • Ideal for smaller rooms
  • A specially-designed vent is needed for the exhaust hose
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Filter sign
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Durable filter
  • Self-diagnosis functionality

Which are the Key Features That Make Your AC the Best?

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Self-Clean Feature

Activity Sensors

Let’s you operate your AC from outside your home. Easy maintenance while cleaning the dirt on the wings automatically with a brush. Monitors activity so that when you're not in the room, it automatically switches off and lowers your energy bills.

Voice Command Compatibility

App Control

Hands-free operation. Allows you to adjust settings using voice commands. Get all the information you need about your AC through an app. No need for a traditional remote.

Which are the Best AC Brands in the UAE?

Super General



  • Energy-efficient design for minimum power consumption
  • Powerful performance with low noise
  • Use of environment-friendly technology
  • Tropical dual-inverter compressor
  • Compressor warranty 10 years
  • Faster cooling and energy-saving with TUV Rhineland verification
  • Anti-corrosion DuraFin +
  • Fast cooling ensured with a faster fan speed
  • HD Filter to give you purer air
  • Good Sleep Mode for preserving your sleep cycle



O General

  • Fault detection with digital panel
  • Easy maintenance with a self-clean facility
  • Achieve the specified temperature with Auto Mode. The compressor and fan speed are automatically adjusted
  • Anti-corrosive condenser coating to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Leakage-detection mode to handle unexpected technical events
  • 2-star energy efficiency feature
  • Self-evaporating technology that saves you from keeping a condensate bucket
  • Heat/cool units in five sizes
  • The iFEEL remote enables remote operations
  • Multiple fan speeds and swing louvers for better air distribution
  • Powerful mode - Maximizes comfort swiftly
  • Automatic changeover from dry and cooling modes based on your setting and room temperature
  • Automatic fan speed to adjust airflow for regulating room temperature
  • Sleep timer to ensure you sleep comfortably at night
  • Digital timer for switching the machine off and on




  • Wireless remote
  • Washable LCD panel
  • Sleep operation super function
  • Auto indoor fan control and auto swing louver
  • 3-star BEE rating for energy savings
  • Auto-restart: Settings don't have to be reset manually
  • Copper condenser coil for energy-efficient performance
  • Powerful compressor for superior performance
  • Even and consistent cooling in all corners of the room
  • Low noise and energy-efficient performance
  • Three fan speeds and thermostat control function for adjusting the temperature


  • Comfortable cooling with the iAuto-X feature
  • Shower cooling technology with cooling in light showers
  • Aero wing design to spread or concentrate the flow of air

Top 10 Recommended ACs in the Dubai, UAE

LG Portable Air Conditioner Standing 4.2 Ton APNQ50LT3E0 Inverter

  • Floor standing air conditioner with rotary compressor
  • Cools specific areas of your office
  • Different designs for hotels, cafes, and office

Gree Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton T4MATIC-T48C3

  • Two-star rated 3-ton AC
  • Rotary compressor
  • Sensors adjust airflow for maximum comfort

O General Duct Air Conditioner 3 Ton ARGA36FMTAZ

LG Air Conditioner Split AC 3 Ton I38TKF DUALCOOL Inverter AC

  • 65% energy saving
  • ThinQ
  • 60% faster cooling
  • Comfort Sleep
  • Gold Fin

Evvoli 5 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner 60000BTU

  • Heating and cooling
  • Auto-Restart
  • Sleep mode

Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton SGFS48GE

  • Scroll compressor
  • One-star rating
  • One-year rating

Toshiba Hi-Wall Inverter Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Ton

  • Voice-activated Alexa
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Mobile controlled
  • Energy-saving cooling

Super General Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton SGS372HE

  • Energy-efficient design for lower electricity bills
  • Low-noise and powerful performance
  • Environment-friendly technology
  • High-density filter

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton CS/CU-RV24XKF

  • 7-Star rating
  • Longer cooling capacity
  • Efficient moisture removal

Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton AR18NVPXCWK/GU

  • Wind-free cooling
  • 8-pole digital inverter for up to 68% energy saving
  • Wi-Fi control for remote operations
  • Good sleep mode
  • 2-step cooling for superior performance
  • Cleans 99% of ultrafine dust
  • Triple Protector Plus technology for long-lasting performance

Frequently Asked Questions - Air Conditioner (AC)

Q. Which is the best AC for homes in the UAE?

Ans. Choose from any of the top AC brands like Gree, Super General, or Aftron for your home in the UAE.

Q. What is an air conditioner used for?

Ans. An air conditioner removes the heat and moisture in a room and cools the temperature indoors.

Q. Does an AC use a lot of electricity?

Ans. No, energy-efficient ACs having a high star rating don't consume a lot of electricity.

Q. Is it good to use an AC?

Ans. Yes, it is good to use an AC since it prevents humidity and keeps your home free of dampness. High humidity causes mold that is harmful to your health.

Q. Is sleeping in an AC room good for health?

Ans. Yes. Since an AC cools the temperature in your bedroom, you don't suffer from heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or dehydration.

Q. Does an AC reduce immunity?

Ans. Regularly using an AC could reduce your immunity since the artificial lowering of temperature makes you weaker.

Q. Which AC brand is better in the UAE?

Ans. The best AC brand in UAE is Super General.

Q. What should we check before buying AC?

Ans. Before buying an AC, you need to check the capacity, the number of members in your family, room size, temperature in your location, and more.

Q. What temperature should I set on my air conditioner during summers in the UAE?

Ans. Since ACs consume a lot of electricity in summer, you should set the temperature at 24 degrees Celsius or higher.

Q. Which is better: split AC or window AC?

Ans. While split ACs are better for larger rooms, window ACs are ideal for smaller rooms.